Documentary Interview Help Page

Interview Questions: Includes answer format

  1. What is your name? – My name is…
  2. What are you to Eddie? – I am Eddie’s….(Friend, mom, etc) or I worked with Eddie on…. (Album, tv show, whatever)
  3. When and how did you meet Eddie? – The first time I met Eddie was….or I met Eddie at….
  4. Please discuss in some detail the era, what was happening at that time in the world, in the country, politically, musically, socially, racially, culturally, the music scene, etc. and what were you doing at the time you met Eddie
  5. What did you think of Eddie when you met him? – My general opinion of Eddie is that he is/was…
  6. You are welcome to comment or share your thoughts on Eddie’s talent as a musician/entertainer.
  7. If you have performed onstage with Eddie, please elaborate on when, where and what you remember about that night, etc (Please be as specific as possible)
  8. An event or situation or project you remember with Eddie? (If you played in a band or collaborated with Eddie, please describe the project in detail, with name, people, place, etc) – I remember one time we….(went, did, recorded, got drunk, whatever)
  9. Please discuss in detail what you know and have seen about Eddie’s struggle to achieve his goals in music, happiness, etc
  10. Say something about Eddie’s journey that can be used at the end of the documentary during a montage of inspirational comments about never giving up, determination, self belief, etc.
  11. Mention one or two things you saw or learned in the documentary that you didn’t know about Eddie and Toke D Keda.
  12. Talk about your journey and your struggle and your successes and promote whatever you want.
  13. Please say your full name and state that you agree that your image and voice can be used in this documentary.
  14. Finally, please send the raw, uncompressed files via to the following email address:

Filming Tips: If using a phone

You can watch these actual interviews and use them as examples.

Artist Release: Please agree below.